Nancy Sadowski

March Madness

Day 1
Sweet Nectar 
Nancy Sadowski 
15 X 11 
75.00 to purchase 

Bio: Nancy Sadowski

Nancy started her art career at the age of 5, taking lessons every Saturday at a local art league. She was painting in oils by the time she was 10 years old. Se became familiar with all mediums, such as charcoal, pastels, clay, oil and water mediums.

While attending Kent State University, she produced a movie on pre-schematic children, relating to the art courses she was taking at that time. It followed children's skills in art, from kindergarten to third grade, watching their hand muscles develop for control in handling crayons and paint brushes.

She taught school in Ohio from 1967 to 1971, grades two and four. This was an excellent experience in enhancing the art skills of children in her classes.

In 1973, a career change to interior design, taking her art to another level, she because president of Decorators World, Inc., a position she maintains today.

 In the early eighties, she attended pottery classes at the museum in South Bend, Indiana. For three years, she drove the distance twice a week, but it was really too far, so she decided to go back to painting. In the early nineties, she chose watercolor as her main medium and started teaching watercolors in her studio in Indianan. In 2003, she started teaching in her studio in Melbourne Beach. Throughout the years, she has kept up with her studies by taking workshops, 2 or 3 a year, and advancing her skills through lessons with other teachers, reading and experimenting. She belongs to several experimental groups.

She is an active member and past president of Brevard Watercolor Society, as well as a member of Florida Watercolor Society, Central Brevard Art Association and Strawbridge Art League. She is now a proud member  of the Highland Art Studio and Gallery.

She is an award winning artist, who is active in the art and design communities. Her goals are to teach as many people as she can the love of watercolor. She is willing to share all her knowledge with students and friends.

In 2007, she opened Riverview Art Studios and Gallery, a place for artists to gather, have their own studio and display their work. She teaches all levels of watercolor classes there,


  1. I love this one, the Rose and the Orchids. By the way, I think we have room for classes, what
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