Friday, July 31, 2015

Call for Pet Photos IV by Vanessa Bates

Chill by Vanessa Studio in BlueThe Roman numerals have been climbing since we've first run this contest on my facebook page this time it seemed like a good idea to post it here as well for those who don't have facebook. 

The third round featured Boomer, the pooch that knows how to chill in style. He was definitely a p-awesome model chosen from so many cute photos submitted (each time the decision gets tougher). Thanks to everyone for participating and liking and clicking to take a peek. It definitely provides plenty of encouragement ♥

How to play:

For those who submitted photos and want to resubmit or for those who prefer submitting on facebook, you can join my event or message me on my page. For anyone who would like to play here, submit a photo by replying for a chance to win a free commercial 4"x6" print of the painting created from the selected photo by August 7th at 10pm EDT. The winning photo will be selected to be used as a reference for a painting and you'll get a 4x6 print of the painting. I've done cats, dogs, birds, and a few pigs so far. So we'll see what this next round will bring.

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