Sunday, July 26, 2015

Back to posting

Sell Art Online I'm not one for many words,  so, in short, I've started creating digital art again and will post here from time to time as new works are completed.

This image is an experiment with halftones and the trendy pantone color dubbed "Scuba" by the fashion industry, and depicts a photoilustration (maybe it should say "collage", but somehow the digital sphere seems to require more than it's fare share of tech-sprech ) of the original space walk photo from Gemini 4. Hopefully, this reads as a nod and show of respect to those that have gone before us, including Ed White, the first American astronaut to walk in space. It's certainly a celebration in the terms this artist can understand :)

If anyone wants to delve into the incredible journey of the early space program and wants to watch a fantastic documentary, you might like to rent In the Shadow of the Moon. Ok. That's pretty much it. Here's wishing you all a great start to the week and a happy Sunday.

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