Monday, June 17, 2013

A giraffe who needs a name…

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I honestly can't come up with a name for this Millennial-Generation-styled fellow. He's inspired by those long necked folks who adorn themselves with ink marking where they've been, what they love and what philosophy they hold. I'm assuming that this delicate placement might symbolize how the wearer's very life depends on the aforementioned. With this in mind, does anyone have a title? Or an interesting perspective (which always leads to memorable titles)? Many thanks in advance.

15" x 30"
.75" Gallery Wrap


  1. Oh, like the cigarettes? Hee hee…good one Caren: tall and a smoker. He also needs a girlfriend and that could be her name too…been working out comps for a lady, but none have been quite right for him. Thank you .